Kinesiology Tape

Already in use for over 30 years, Kinesiology Tape gained worldwide attention at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where numerous athletes sported the colorful sports tape on various parts of their bodies.

Since then, Kinesio Tape has become a favorite of both amateur and professional athletes around the world to recover from injuries with less down time and loss of function. Therapeutically, Kinesio Tape, can relieve pain from both acute injuries and chronic conditions, as well as reduce swelling and inflammation.

The Kinesio Taping Methodâ„¢ is an approach to therapeutic taping that involves taping over and around muscles and joints, rather than wrapping them tightly as conventional athletic taping does. This increases circulation to the injured area, as well as lymphatic drainage, which reduces swelling, bruising and pressure on sensitive pain receptors.

When worn continuously, Kinesio Tape can accelerate the healing process and limit down time. The elasticity of KinesioTape allows it to provide support without restricting range of motion, an important feature for injured athletes who wish to continue training as they recover from their injuries.


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