Terms and Conditions

Please take note of my terms and conditions. I am fairly easy going with most things as you may know. However I do have a few rules for good reasons.

1. I reserve the right to charge my clients the full price of their respective treatment when they cancel or change their appointment within 24 hours of their appointment time. This is, as I am sure you agree, is unacceptable, so please endeavor to let me know with a minimum 24 hours notice. Thank you for understanding.

2. Any promotions advertised at any time do not include Gift Vouchers. Gift vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date issued. Any promotions are time restricted, usually to 1 month. It therefor stands to reason that they remain separate and Gift Vouchers remain at the original price regardless of any deal or promotion on at the time of purchase or treatment.

3. I can only accept cash or cheques, all payments must be made at the completion of each appointment. I am afraid cannot accept card payments.

4. What to wear – Underwear you are comfortable in or exercise shorts (and bras for ladies). During the assessment you may need to stand uncovered (apart from underwear) but this is only for a few minutes. You will be covered by towels during treatment at all times. Should you want to discuss further with me please contact me.

5. Because this is a deep soft tissue treatment it may feel a bit sore both during and afterwards. This is normal and is only temporary. Toxins are released, circulation stimulated and healing speeded up. Drink lots of water afterwards and ice anything sore.
You should feel a positive difference within about two days if not straight away.

6. Subsequent appointments may be 60 or 30 minutes, dependent upon requirements.

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