Ben Peggs
Team GB Fencer and double Commonwealth Gold Medalist  

As a full time athlete my day is full of high intensity training which puts great strain on my body. In order to perform at my best I need to be able to repeat this training time and time again. That's where Tim and Myosportstherapy comes in. Tim uses some of the worlds leading techniques in sports massage and remedial therapy to unlock my body and promote repair so I can continue training and competing to the highest level. Without Tim and Myosportstherapy I wouldn't be the athlete I am today.


Sam Taylor

Always friendly and efficient, Tim combines a variety of different techniques to sort out tight spots.  He find the bits that really hurt – and then methodically works them out, helping prevent potential injuries before they take hold.  And on top of that, he’s professional, flexible and goes the extra mile to help put me back together.


Susie Chan - 2xu ambassador and Ultrarunner

I have been with Tim for a year now - I am an endurance runner.  After nursing a stubborn injury for a
few weeks with not much improvement - I made my first appointment with Tim for a massage. I followed his advice and I saw an improvement immediately - and was back running within days! I was delighted!

Due to the amount of training I do - I have found it is really important to get a good massage frequently - Tim understands my training schedule, and fits in appointments around races and long runs. I feel the massages really help me recover and train harder. Any niggles are nipped in the bud - and Tim is such a nice guy too! I have recommend him to friends - and highly recommend him to anyone who is considering a professional and friendly, and seriously good massage.


Gav Barnard
Owner of Vantage Sports

Tim is an expert in his field. When I approached him about a shoulder injury he got to work straight away, understanding the problem, how it happened and how to best fix the problem. The difference between Tim and other Sports Therapist's is that Tim will go the extra mile to look further and research answers which could potentially aid quicker recovery. Highly recommended.


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Age Group Hampshire Cricketer

I wanted to say thanks for your time and this excellent thorough report. 
I can honestly see a real improvement in my running already and I really appreciate your time both on the day and in writing this report.


Louise Cracknell

I have always found Tim to be very professional in his approach to identifying and dealing with issues presented by his clients when they attend a session.  Tim is very personable and puts you at ease during each session through his pleasant and professional attitude and approach.  I have visited Tim on a number of occasions with various sporting ailments and Tim has managed to alleviate the symptoms and keep me moving.  I would highly recommend Tim. 

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