What to expect from your first appointment

Your first appointment will be an hour long. This will involve:

1. Questions
I will ask you to describe your problem in detail and for you to tell me what you hope the treatment can do for you.

2. Medical History
Any underlying medical conditions contraindicating massage.
Other relevant information, allergies, previous surgery etc.

3. A Full Postural Assessment
To assess alignment and symmetry throughout the body to
get an idea of discrepancies & areas of tension.

4. Tests
Joint movements to assess strength, stiffness and range
of movement.

5. Massage
This will usually involve general and deep tissue massage
along with advanced stretching, friction, myofascial and
neuromuscular techniques in various positions on the couch.



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6. Acupuncture
Once identified which points are going to be used, a number of pre-sterilised, ultra-fine needles are placed into the points.
These are normally inserted between ½ cm, up to several centimetres into your skin.

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